Wheel Lift Tow Truck - Effective Solutions For Your Stranded Vehicle

Over the years, the towing industry has been undeniably changed by making use of the latest technologies, trucks, and equipment. Gone are the days of “hooking” or “snatching” a car on the frame and hauling it away on its 2 back wheels.

Today modern towing companies like All Set Towing Company utilizes up-to-date troubleshooting equipment and versatile tow trucks like those with a “wheel lift” configuration. Utilizing hydraulically powered “yokes” our tow truck professionals can quickly lift your vehicle under the soft front tires to minimally impact any damage to your car or truck. In addition to a quick tow, wheel lift tow truck are also an affordable and harmless alternative of flatbed towing.

How It Works

After reaching your vehicle, they will take a position near your vehicle. The tow truck’s cradle will press-stud your vehicle’s rack and then lock onto the tires with the help of hydraulics. By using wheel lift towing, we can tow your car by lifting front or back wheels. Wheel lift towing is highly suitable for dead cars, especially if it is parked in narrow space. It is the most secure towing service as our towing professionals acquire complete control over your half lifted vehicle.

Our wheel lift towing experts at All Set are highly skilled in towing most narrowly parked vehicles with damaging them or the surroundings. We know how frustrating it is to see a disabled vehicle and unable to control it. Especially if it is packed parallel with other cars. We can take control of your disabled vehicle and transport it to your desired destination with the help of wheel lift towing.

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